Casals was founded in 1881 by Francesc Casals i Fransoy in Ripoll, a town located in the province of Girona,
Spain. Thanks to over 130 years experience, Casals has earned the well-deserved reputation as manufacturer
of robust, powerful and above all, reliable power tools. In 2009 Casals joined forces with the TAURUS GROUP, 
with a powerful CASALS R & D team continuously developing new quality projects. CASALS now manages the 
DIY, Professional, Garden and Accessory lines. Its products are manufactured both in the very original Ripoll 
factory as well as in their more advanced specialised production centres. The CASALS brand of tools has been 
introduced in almost all countries worldwide. 


Casals is committed to offering its customers and users continued excellent quality and level of service, with a portfolio of products that is constantly growing with the future in mind. Casals is innovation, thanks to its ongoing improvement to its existing range as well as its entry into new market segments.