5 trabajos que puedes hacer con una grapadora eléctrica a batería

5 jobs you can do with a battery-powered electric stapler

Have you ever wondered why you need a battery-powered electric stapler? Well, with this post we want to clarify all your doubts!

The stapler is a stationery tool that we are all very familiar with. For years it has been widely used in our daily lives, whether in office work, in the bank, in the supermarket, etc... we could say that having a stapler is essential for any home or business.

In recent years, the use of electric staplers has become popular, especially in professional construction work, in which industrial electric staplers that operate with compressed air are often used, but what many people do not know is that Electric staplers can also be used in the daily life of a normal family.

Below we are going to give you 5 examples of how having a battery-powered electric stapler in your toolbox can help you!

1.- Upholster a chair, an armchair, a sofa or any other piece of furniture that you need to upholster. Not using force when inserting the staple guarantees that the fabric does not move and you can achieve excellent results.

2.- Restore a piece of furniture that has been broken or needs a small repair. Whether with staples or nails (if your stapler is also a nailer), you can fix wooden slats or veneers, and give your old furniture a second chance.

3.- Assemble a painting canvas. If you are an art fan and your passion is painting, a battery-powered electric stapler can become your best friend... Simply lay out the structure of the canvas, place the fabric and tighten it with staples. In 1 minute the canvas is ready to paint! From here on, whether the muses visit you or not… it is no longer our business!

4.- Fix or reinforce a mesh or mosquito netting to the frame of a window... This way you can ventilate the house, preventing your pet from escaping or annoying mosquitoes from entering in summer. An easy and decisive solution.

5.- Have you lost your pet, do you offer guitar lessons or are you looking for a job? Well, hang the advertisement on any wooden post with a couple of staples and wait for the calls. Since it does not have a cable, you can use it wherever you want, even on the street.

At Casals we have a battery-powered electric nailing stapler, the CSG3620 model, with a 4V lithium battery, which can drive staples and nails. Its pistol shape makes it very easy to use, you simply have to place it where you want and press the trigger.

We hope you enjoy your new electric stapler and get the most out of it!

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