Collection: Hammer drills

Perfect power tools for deep drilling or demolishing any wall or wall. Ideal for carrying out works at home.

The power of demolition hammers

Demolition hammers are tools from the drill family, which have more power and are used to drill and demolish walls and floors made of different materials. They are usually larger than conventional drills and are also usually heavier. They are the products closest to the professional range, and are often used in renovation projects.

Percussion hammers usually have 2 functions: drilling and striking. With the first you can make holes in all materials, however the second is indicated for breaking and demolishing. The strength of these tools is measured in Joules, the higher this number the greater the force it exerts during its work.

What is a hammer hammer used for?

The demolition hammer can be used for many tasks, but the most common are: drilling holes or demolishing walls, chopping or breaking all types of materials, breaking cement, lifting the pavement, removing tiles from the floor or wall, etc.

What type of hammer hammers exist?

There are basically 3 types of hammer hammers:  Light hammer hammers, which are the lightest but less powerful, heavy hammer hammers, which are more powerful and heavier, and demolition hammers, which only have a hammer function but a lot of power. The latter are the heaviest.

What guarantee do they have?

Percussion hammers have a 3-year warranty that begins on the day of purchase. During these 3 years we take care of any incident caused by a manufacturing defect. Always keep the purchase receipt as it will serve to justify the start date of the warranty. To use the warranty you must go to one of our Technical Assistance Services.