Collection: High pressure washers

Discover the perfect pressure washers for cleaning floors, walls and any other surface, regardless of the material. Also perfect for removing dirt from the bodywork of cars or bicycles.

Pressure washers

Pressure washers are tools that are normally used to clean terraces, floors or walls, usually outdoors, but they can also be used indoors.

Their secret is that they shoot water at high pressure. The water is responsible for softening the dirt, while the pressure at which the water is expelled exerts force and causes the dirt to dislodge from the surface easily.

Electric pressure washers can also be used to clean car bodywork, bicycles, outdoor chairs and furniture, swimming pools, and anything else that is not damaged by water.

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How does a pressure washer work?

All pressure washers work with high pressure water. For this, the essential element is the motor, which when turned on supplies energy to the pressure pump. What this pressure pump does is collect the water it receives on one side, and launch it at high pressure through an outlet tube. Finally we find the water outlet lance, which includes a nozzle with which you can regulate the pressure at which the water comes out. If the nozzle is more open, more water will be obtained but at a lower pressure, and if it is more closed, the water flow will be lower but at a higher pressure.

What should be taken into account when buying a pressure washer?

Making a good decision is sometimes difficult. The most important thing is to be clear about why we need a pressure washer and what use we are going to give it. The pressure washer that we will choose will depend on the demands we expect from it.

If what we want is to clean a large surface with very embedded dirt, we will opt for those pressure washers with greater water pressure, which are usually the highest priced. On the other hand, if we only want to maintain our terrace that does not have a lot of accumulated dirt, we can opt for pressure washers with more common pressures and save some money and obtain very good results.

If what we need is to clean the car, motorcycle or bicycle, we recommend pressure washers with low or medium pressures, which cannot damage the sheet metal or protections.

What warranty do pressure washers have?

All Casals pressure washers have a 3-year warranty from the moment the purchase is made. If during this period your pressure washer suffers any incident due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it free of charge.