Collection: Electric staplers

Perfect for upholstering, decorating or doing manual work.

What is an electric stapler for?

Electric staplers can be used for many different types of work. Above all, they are usually used to upholster chairs, armchairs or sofas. In addition, they are also very useful for DIY work, decoration or making any craft.

What is the advantage of using an electric stapler for upholstery?

It's a matter of comfort. While with conventional staplers you have to use a lot of force to fire the staple, with an electric stapler you only have to press the trigger. In this type of upholstery stapler, the trigger does not exert force but simply activates the firing mechanism, so you can staple any material without exerting any force.

While you tension the fabric with one hand you will be able to staple with the other easily. Using an electric stapler for upholstering is going to be a before and after for your work.

Is this a wood stapler?

Electric staplers can be used on wood without any problem, regardless of its thickness. It can also be safely used to attach signs to telephone poles or trees. Whatever job you want to do, you can do it with the Casals electric stapler.