Collection: Silicone guns

Small but capable of sticking everything. A basic for all fans of DIY, decoration or manual work. Discover the best battery-powered silicone guns.

What is a silicone gun for?

A silicone gun is the basic tool for all those who are fond of DIY, decoration, DIY or manual work. It is very useful when you need to glue any material, and using this type of glue guns can save you a lot of time and, above all, make your work much easier.

Are silicone guns good for crafts?

Of course! One of the most common uses is to glue materials used in crafts. Using a glue gun is much easier than using classic glue sticks or those tubes of liquid glue that leave everything lost. From the first moment you will appreciate the change and how easy it is to work with a hot glue gun.

Furthermore, the fact that it is a battery-powered silicone gun guarantees you complete freedom of movement, that you can take it wherever you want and that you can work in the position you prefer.

How to use a silicone gun?

Using the hot glue gun is very easy. Just place a glue stick on the back and activate the gun. In just 15 seconds it reaches a temperature of 180º that melts the silicone as you need it. Press the trigger with more or less intensity and you will have more or less amount of glue. Very intuitive and comfortable use. When you have to leave it on the table, you can place it on its folding metal support, so it will be much more comfortable for you to pick it up again.

Advantages of using a hot glue gun

With silicone guns you can direct the silicone jet with complete precision and place the drop of glue exactly where you need it. In addition, they include an anti-drip system that prevents the glue from escaping and getting everything dirty. In addition, hot silicone is an excellent glue that remains completely firm when it dries. The Casals silicone gun is very fast and in just 15 seconds you can start working.