Collection: Electric sanders

Give a second life to your furniture, doors or other DIY jobs with our electric sanders. Removes burrs, chips, paint and varnish effortlessly.

The most complete electric sanders

With Casals electric sanders you can sand and re-decorate any surface, especially furniture and doors. They are also perfect for perfecting finishes after sawing, removing sharp edges, burrs, splinters and other imperfections from any material, whether wood, plastic, or metal.

The sanders include a complete set of sanding sheets so you don't have to worry about replacements, and you can sand more or less deeply.

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What is an electric sander?

An electric sander is a tool used for polishing and sanding. To do this it uses friction at very high speed, along with a rough blade. This technique is usually used to remove imperfections from materials such as wood, plastic or metal, but it can also be used to remove paint, rust or varnish.

What type of electric sanders exist?

Orbital sanders: The sanding sheet rotates on itself, leaving a trail of sandpaper, in most cases, round. They are usually used to polish or sand medium-sized flat surfaces.

Eccentric sander: In this case the axis is not centered but rather tilted a little. It is very similar to an orbital sander but allows you to sand larger surfaces faster. It is not indicated for details.

Multisander: The most popular. They are those that usually have a triangular shape and can be used for any job or surface. They are perfect for restoring furniture and doing DIY jobs at home.

Belt Sander – Typically used in professional environments. In them the sanding sheet rolls between two cylinders very quickly. You can sand large surfaces in no time. Not used for details.

Wall Sander – This is a very specific sander for walls. It is perfect for removing imperfections from the wall. They tend to be large and have a lot of power. Some have a telescoping handle for working at heights.

What can I do with a sander?

The most common uses of sanders are: Removing paints and varnishes, polishing surfaces, perfecting saw cuts, and shaping wood. In some cases the wood can be modeled to create shapes or figures.

What warranty do electric sanders have?

Casals brand electric sanders have a 3-year warranty, which begins at the time of purchase. During this time we take care of any repairs that are caused by a manufacturing defect. To use the guarantee you must have the purchase receipt and go to any of our Technical Assistance Services.