Collection: Jig saws

Find the best jigsaws, corded and cordless. Perfect for any DIY job. Practical and easy-to-use jig saws.

Jig saws

If you are a DIY enthusiast or like to make repairs at home, get one of our jig saws, robust, practical and easy to use. It is a basic tool that should be in every workshop, since it greatly simplifies cutting tasks in wood, PVC, steel and other materials. Cut without limits and obtain precise results with the push of a button and in a single pass. Jigsaws are generally lightweight. Their weight is usually between 2.5 and 3.5kg, and they may or may not have adjustable speed. The same happens with the sash anchoring device, which can be automatic or can be opened and closed manually.

How do you use a jigsaw?

To use a jigsaw correctly, the first thing you must do is draw the cutting line on the material to be cut, then you must place the appropriate cutting blade, hold the saw firmly, activate it and follow the drawn line.

Advantages of the electric jigsaw compared to the manual saw

By using an electric jigsaw, whether battery-powered or corded, you will achieve more perfect jobs in much less time. More regular cuts than with a manual saw, with less effort and much faster. In addition, you can always make oblique cuts with the same degree of inclination. Parts of a jigsaw A jigsaw is made up of several parts. The first thing we find is the cutting blade, with the guide and the adjustable base. A little higher is the motor along with the dust outlet and at the top is the handle with the activating trigger and the operating lock button.

What warranty does a jigsaw have?

Casals jigsaws have a 3-year warranty. During this period Casals is responsible for any incident as long as it is a manufacturing defect. To make use of this guarantee you must go to one of our Technical Assistance Services.