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High pressure washer JHP16

High pressure washer JHP16

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1600W power pressure washer for deep cleaning ideal for washing the car, walls, tiles and floors. Connect it to the running, clean water circuit with a pressure of 135 bars (max. pressure), water flow rate 5l/minute and maximum flow rate 6.8l/min. Pressure regulation with adjustable spray nozzle with a spray angle of 0-60 detachable lance for easy storage. Includes external soap tank.
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Maximum pressure for total cleaning.

The JHP16 pressure washer works with a maximum pressure of 135 bars. Pressure is the force with which the water comes out of the pressure washer and the higher the number, the greater the pressure it exerts on the dirt. A pressure of 135 Bar is perfect for removing embedded dirt in a single pass.

Rinse and optimize the water.

If you are cleaning with soap and need to rinse, you can get a high water flow rate of up to 6.8 liters per minute. This water will continue to have pressure, which will allow you to rinse better and faster than doing it any other way, cleaning better using less water.

Regulates the pressure, thanks to the spray water outlet.

The water outlet lance includes an adjustable spray at the tip, which you can open and close, thus obtaining a smaller jet of water, and therefore stronger, or a larger one and with less force. It has a fan water opening of up to 60º and you can regulate it with just one hand and without using force.

Perfect for any surface.

With the JHP16 pressure washer you can easily clean any surface, be it the floor, ceiling, roof, walls, walls, or any other element, regardless of the material. Cleans tile, cement, brick, ceramic, metal and any other material.


Max. pressure135 Bar
Max. flow6,8 l/min
Detergent/SoapExternal tank
Pressure hose length5 m
Electrical cable length5 m
Spray angle0 - 60º
Autostop safety functionYes
Detachable lanceYes