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Car tire inflator compressor VTI260

Car tire inflator compressor VTI260

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12V mini portable air compressor with maximum pressure of 260psi. To use it you will only have to plug the connector into the car cigarette lighter outlet, connect the hose to the tire and press the button to turn on the compressor. It has an extra long 3 meter cable and has nozzles of different sizes.
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Pump up the car wheels wherever you want.

Always having the recommended air pressure in your tires is very important. If you comply with this recommendation, the car will adhere better to the pavement, and will even consume less. Now, wherever you are, you can check the air level in your tires and inflate them instantly. Plug it into the car cigarette lighter and look at the pressure gauge to decide whether to inflate the tires or not.

Also for balls, mattresses or mats.

The VTI260 inflator includes 3 different nozzles, a needle with an air outlet at the tip to inflate all types of balls, and 2 of different sizes to inflate floats, arm warmers, mats, mattresses, and everything you can think of.

Compact design, does not take up any space.

Its design, in the shape of a wheel with only 17cm in diameter and 5.5cm in width, will allow you to always carry it in the trunk of your car without taking up any space. You can even place it with the spare wheel or with the first aid kit or basic assistance tools.

Everything organized, cables collected.

Forget about loose cables in the middle of the car. The Casals VTI260 car compressor includes in its structure a cavity to wind the 3 meters of cable, and another to wind the air hose. Everything is always well organized to maximize the useful life of the inflator and cause minimal inconvenience.


Voltage12 V DC
Maximum pressure260 psi / 10 Bar
Cable length3 m
Air hose length40 cm
Cable collecting cavityYes
Air hose cavityYes
Pressure gaugeYes
Accessories1 nozzle for balls, 2 nozzles for floats, mats or mattresses
Dimensions17cm x 17cm x 5,5cm